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The Amazing Power of Jesus

Code: 113 Scripture: Matthew 8:1-9:35
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It’s no wonder people were shocked by what He claimed. They knew who Jesus was. He had grown up in their neighborhood. He may have even played with their children. He had flesh and blood just like them. How could He say He was God?

But it wasn’t just His words that surprised people. Jesus not only claimed the amazing, but He did the amazing. At His command, violent seas went still, the sick were healed, the dead came to life. While many denied His claims, no one could deny His power over nature, sickness, death, and the supernatural.

So what lead some witnesses to embrace Him and others to launch vicious attacks? What was the purpose behind the miracles of Jesus? Why did He use His power the way He did?

John MacArthur answers those questions and more inThe Amazing Power of Jesus, a study that will help you understand both the power and the purpose behind His miracles. Learn to unleash God’s power in your life in this fascinating series.

Includes the following 10 messages:

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    Jesus' Power Over Disease, Part 1
    Code: 2257   |   Matthew 8:1-4
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    Jesus' Power over Disease, Part 2
    Code: 2258   |   Matthew 8:5-15
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    What Keeps Men from Christ?
    Code: 2259   |   Matthew 8:16-22
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    Jesus' Power over the Natural
    Code: 2260   |   Matthew 8:23-27
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    Jesus' Power over the Supernatural
    Code: 2261   |   Matthew 8:28-34
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    Jesus' Power over Sin
    Code: 2262   |   Matthew 9:1-8
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    Jesus' Power over Death, Part 1
    Code: 2265   |   Matthew 9:18-22
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    Jesus' Power over Death, Part 2
    Code: 2266   |   Matthew 9:23-26
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    Miracles of Sight and Sound
    Code: 2267   |   Matthew 9:27-33
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    Responding to Jesus' Power
    Code: 2268   |   Matthew 9:33-35

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